Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sew Heart Felt with Lush Labels UK

It's always a secret joy to be able to have a play with products and share what's about. 
Recently I had to opportunity to view some gorgeous children's slippers from Sew Heart Felt.
These gorgeous, handmade in Nepal, products are a perfect blend of design and craftsmanship. Designed in the UK but produced by Nepalese women who craft each item using techniques that have been handed down over generations. Each product is skillfully made and with mostly organic fibers and dyes creating these gorgeous products for children.
What draws me to these little characters is the simple shapes and colours that make up the traditional resemblence of an object. Whether it is an animal or vehicle, the soft designs and texture of the felt create a really beautiful looking piece.

I love these examples that Lush Labels UK have to offer. The little blue bunny rabbit is so lovely for a little baby and the detail in the feathers and crown on the swan are ideal for the slightly older girl wishing to be a swan princess. The fussy haired sheep is also rather cute for a boy or a girl.

More gorgeous than some of these though are these very Fantastic Mr Fox slippers what will get any child into mischief. Also on offer are a perfect match to these slippers is this beautiful felt fox rug that will look just fantastic in a child's bedroom.

There is something almost story book about these little products. Maybe it's the simple designs of their face, they make them so child friendly or it is just that they are such pretty colours. They are very simply beautiful!

These are all available from Lush Labels UK.



  1. Gorgeous photography Emily!

  2. Gorgeous felt animal slippers available at


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