Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cutie pie coulouring!

We recently bought ourselves a new printer after not having one for years. We never really needed one for home, but the last couple of months we found ourselves needing one. Besides printing Rob's invoices, the children have become slightly obsessed with its ability to magically make pictures to colour in! The simplest thing to produce but something that has got our two reaching for the crayons and asking for all sorts of characters from TV programs and films.

It took me a while to realise what Etta was asking for when she kept running into the understairs cupboard and shouting "Sofia". As that is where the printer is set up I realised she was looking for pictures.
It's funny how the kids interpret situations like this. Etta is now obsessed with colouring and just spends time holding the pictures, almost like photos, contemplating their faces! She is a funny one!!

This week she has also been loving some new bits from Courage & Kind, our favourite Disney children's wear brand. I am loving their girls' Bambi collection, it really has the sweetest prints and illustrations of the characters from the film. This pink Bambi floral t-shirt has got such lovely artistic detail which is something that Courage & Kind have worked into all their clothes.

Even the the simplicity of the jeans with tiny flowers at the top and striped cuff just add a little something special, something thought about. 

I know I talk about this brand a lot but sometimes, when something is so good it is important to share. These child centred clothes are so perfect for young children to, well, just be young children enjoying themselves.


*This is a collaborative piece with Courage & Kind. The thoughts expressed are my own!

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