Friday, 30 October 2015


This week saw me actually make a cake! Hooray! It is just a simple sponge with icing and spooky sprinkles. It looks really effective and is very seasonal for this week!

Baking is one of those things that when I do it, I feel really happy. The smell of cakes in the oven fills the house and as soon as they are out and cooling you see little people just peering up to the work surface to get a peek!

Top left to right @martinamorley11/ @amy_fullbrook_x/ @nandawiaderna/ @johanna.hc

This selection of sweet treats really made me feel like I wanted to sit inside with a cup of tea and just eat snuggled up in blankets!
Really beautiful bakes ladies!

This months sponsor Say What You C will be picking a winner to give one of their personalised bar necklaces too. Make sure you are following their account on IG to see the announcement!

Keep baking and keep tagging ladies.


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