Sunday, 8 November 2015

5 Minutes Peace

Goodness me, recently I have been finding it so hard to drink a hot cup of tea! I must make so many through a day, have that first sip, the boiling one, put the cup down and then get distracted by a whole host of things.
My mind has been so full recently, do you get that? When work is all that is on the brain! Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint. I have got such lovely little projects going at the moment and it is so nice as each little task gets done the project moves to an end. The children's bedroom is one of them, every other day we get a little bit more done and it becomes more complete. The spare room is also like that; this last week the floor has been painted and so have different bits of furniture and it is so nice seeing it change. But having the landing full of different room bits to be sorted or the bathroom brimming with baskets of laundry and airers of drying washing, I am beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic! I know within the space of a week though that it will all change again as we move on to painting the landing so once again the areas will change!
I took it upon myself to go and sit in the children's room the other day once Etta had fallen asleep downstairs and just sit. I had a bit of a daydream about the room and how nice it was and what else I wanted to achieve with the other parts of the house. Just 5 minutes of talking to our new little rabbit friend 'Boo' and I was off back on task.
Those 5 minutes were just right; a pause in our busy day.



  1. This is me at the moment, too. My brain is full of projects and my house is full of chaos (and two sick little boys). Five minutes to think is proving to be difficult this week but I'm hoping for a warm cup of tea soon x

    1. Oh Rachel, sorry to hear yourb boys are unwell! Hope you get a hot cup of tea soon, and just relax. Emily Xxx


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