Friday, 10 October 2014

Work - Life Balance

Work Life Balance

What a wonderful title. Is there such a thing?? I am really lucky as I only work 2-3 days a week but that is enough for me and 2 children to deal with. Just one day of not doing any washing results in an overload to the system and it all pretty much goes to pot. 
I find that my week goes so fast that I am enjoying my days off and before I know it work has come round again. How do people find a work-life balance?

Like I said, I know I am lucky and get a lot of time with the kids really. We always get up to something. But for Rob, I know he wants more time with the kids. He is great at coming home and just playing with them though. He will happily sit and play lego with Raph. Sometimes I think he likes it more. But he dedicates that time and that is what the children enjoy. I guess you always want more time though. Especially when the children are younger. 

When I started thinking about this post I asked Rob about how you can try to have a good work-life balance. We came up with the following list which we sometime struggle with but hopefully will inspire some of you who may find it hard.

1. Step away from social media! I struggle to do this but these can just take over your life. I think the more your phones or tablets are out of the way the better! 

2. Switch off on your journey home. If you know you have some time to clear your head before you walk in the door, do it! 

3. Be organised. This is anything from organising the kids stuff or having meals planned. If you have a plan then it's easier than trying to think of what to cook when you are exhausted and stressed.

4. Don't waste time. 

5. When the kids are awake be with them. Once they are asleep you can do anything.

6. If you have jobs to do, do them with the kids. They can sort washing or hold screws! 

7. Find some time for yourself and your partner. If you can't go out on date nights, stay in for date nights! 

8. Try and do as much together as you can, or work as a tag team and get jobs done whilst entertaining.

I think we would all be at home if it was possible but I think the important thing to remember is to cherish your time when you are with your family. Playing, cooking and cleaning can all be done together but what you most definitely need to take time doing is just cuddling and talking to your loved ones. 

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