Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Lincolnshire Lunch

Lincolnshire Lunch

With today being Lincolnshire Day I decided to provide my Grandparents with a kind of Ploughman's lunch made from Lincolnshire products. My grandma has had her hip replaced recently and is unable to do much so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give my Grandad a rest and provide them with food and a bit of entertainment. 
This morning I went down to the City Square, by the market as they had some local food businesses there selling some of their products.
I met The Generous Baker who was there with a lovely selection of fresh rolls, scones, cakes and breads. I picked up some white and brown rolls, cheese scones and one of his 'Grannie's Loaves'. 
I then went to see Jenny's Jams and got a Beetroot chutney recommended by Jenny herself!
I got my Lymn Banks Creamery 'Just Jane' cheese, Belvoir Elderflower Cordial, Grannies Scotch Bonnet Chutney and Batemans Mocha Amaretto beer all from the Lincolnshire Co-op.
Then we were lucky enough to have homegrown apples, pears and tomatoes.

What a Spread! One of my brothers also joined us for lunch and what a feast we had. We loved everything but Grannie's Chutney was particularly amazing and so was the Just Jane Cheese. So was The Generous Bakers was everything.
These beautiful tastes of Lincolnshire were such a joy to try and celebrate with today on Lincolnshire Day!

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