Monday, 13 October 2014

Pottery Pumpkin Revival

Pottery Pumpkin Revival

You wouldn't believe that these used to be orange. Looking at them now they have definitely become more 'fitted' into the style of our home. 
These were given to my sister by her in laws to see if she could do anything with them. Then she gave them to me. 

Now I believe that you can paint anything as long as you have the right tools. These are a potty type candle holder and I simply whacked on my trusty Annie Sloan paint. Now Annie sloan says her paint can go on anything except teak so I am really testing that theory at the minute.

After 2 coats I left them to dry thoroughly and then attacked them with my Gold Leaf glue. I simply went around the rim at the top and let it spill down the edges. Then after 15 mins drying time to let it go tacky, I pasted on the leaf. Quite messily so it is not a uniform piece.

I am really pleased with the results. I fully believe it is possible to change anything to suit your home decor and if it is relatively cheap or free then we should all be doing it!

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