Friday, 3 October 2014

Painted Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones

This is the season for really gathering nature's free gifts. There are lovely woody pieces out there to be found and pine cones are one of the best. Now, if you read most of my crafty post you will know I like to work with quite a pale colour palette, as that is what the house is built up with. 
With the pine cones I thought it wold be good to paint them and that is exactly what I did. I submerged them into a pot of paint (VERY messy) and made a contraption to allow them to hang and dry.
I could have attacked them with a paint brush but I wanted quite a heavy covering. 

To achieve this look you will need an area which is out of the way as these took about 3 days to dry. I had an old vegetable box which I attached string across making washing lines. 
Then get your pine cones and wire around one of the top layers. 
You will need a pot deep enough to allow you to submerge the pine cone then simply hang it on the line.
Once they were dry I put in some hook screws that I had from B&Q into the top and attached them to some pompom ribbon.

Then hang and enjoy. Autumn is here!

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