Sunday, 5 October 2014

Our French Apple Tart

Our French Apple Tart

So this is nothing like a traditional French Apple Tart! This is us using up OLD apples, pears and stewed rhubarb following the French Apple Tart recipe by Michel Roux Jr. for BBC Food. If you want that recipe click HERE!
I did want to make the traditional recipe but when I went to the fruit basket I was conscious that the apples and pears inside were going past it and they needed to be used. We also had frozen stewed rhubarb and a small slice of puff pasty left in the freezer so what started out as a gourmet romantic French tart with Chantilly cream has turned into a family 'use it up' tart of home grown fruits so as not to waste food and money. 

The method is exactly the same as the BBC Food one, but I replaced the stewed apples to smear on the pastry with stewed rhubarb. I also added sliced pears with my sliced apples and my pastry is more of a rolled square, as it came out of the packet like that rather than a crimped circle.

All I did was slice the apples and pears and placed them on a puff pastry sheet that had been covered in Rhubarb. I then sprinkled it in my homemade vanilla Flavoured Sugar and placed the butter on top just like the Michel Roux Jr. recipe.

Then baked, sliced, poured cream on and enjoyed!!!

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