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The Kids' Halloween Party!

The Kids' Halloween Party!

As it is halloween at the end of this week, Rob and I have done a few posts on what might inspire you to have a very child orientated party.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am not into scary things so this is a 'non scary' themed party. Pretty innocent and fun to be honest! We had a couple of Raph and Etta's friends who are a similar age to them, this pretty much led what we did.
1 and 3 year olds want to be messy and play so we made sure to provide the children with fun, messy activities.

Obviously the kids donned some fancy dress; Raphael opted for a Fireman costume and Etta went for a little bunny!

Our first party activity was pumpkin carving. Really seasonal and perfect for kids to be a bit independent. Rob started all the pumpkins off by cutting the tops off and the first layer of flesh so that the kids could get in and scoop out the inside. Raph, Freddie and Jemima all got their spoons out and emptied the pumpkins. Etta however was more interested in eating the pumpkin!
Once all of the inside was out, the kids drew a face on and Rob and I cut them out.

Our second activity was decorating clay pumpkins with buttons. I made the pumpkins a few days ago in preparation in the same way I made our clay pumpkin garland (click HERE for instructions). I then bought some buttons and the kids simply stuck a variety on the pumpkins to make a beautiful Halloween decoration.

Our third activity was drawing a pumpkin face on our homemade pumpkin chalk board. (Click HERE to see the how to make the chalk boards). The kids really liked this one; drawing on the front and back to create their masterpieces.

Once the messy things were done we went on to playing. Out came Raph's car ramp (click HERE for instructions on how to make) and multiple races ensued with all children racing their cars down.

After getting extremely excited, my friend Kate (mum to F&J) read a few stories to calm them down before tea.

Our dinner was Lincolnshire Sausages, roast potato and sweet potato. All the kids enjoyed their food and the delicious puddings that we seemed to have mountains of!! (Click HERE for all the food recipes).

All in all, we had a great afternoon that all the children were able to take part in. Freddie and Jemima took some goodie bags home with biscuits and treats in to share with their Daddy and they also took home their button pumpkins, chalk board pumpkins and carved pumpkins to enjoy for the rest of the Halloween season.

This was a great way to enjoy Halloween for us. Really family centered, really creative and very enjoyable.

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