Saturday, 25 October 2014

Make your own: Halloween decorations

Make your own: Halloween decorations

 Today we've made some pumpkin shaped blackboards for writing messages on.

 Sorry Etta, it's too wet for you to help.

 Ear defenders on. We're ready to get started.

Parasol up. The rain can't stop us!

Make a template out of paper and pencil mark onto some thin-ish wood. We had some off cuts of 6mm MDF that were perfect.

Raph tying down the parasol so it doesn't blow away.

Jigsaw around the pencil marking. You could use a coping saw if you don't have a jigsaw. You could use a normal saw if you don't have a coping saw. If you don't have a saw; I wouldn't bother attempting these!

I doubled the sheets of MDF up to halve the amount of cuts

Just warming the drill up

 Drill 2 holes in the top for string/ribbon for hanging them

 Paint them with chalkboard paint

''Mummy, can you put down that paint brush? I'd like to go to bed please.''

Voila. Happy Halloween.

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