Friday, 3 October 2014

Clay Leaf Decorations

Clay Leaf Decorations

This is a lovely activity to do with children. It all starts with an autumn walk to collect leaves. Once you have these then you will need to get some DAS white clay which you can get from most craft shops. I got white as I knew I wanted to paint them white after. You will also need a rolling pin, a knife, kebab skewer and a tray  with greaseproof paper to place them on to dry.

First you have to roll your clay out as thick as you want. Mine was about 4mm and that has held really well.
Once you have done that you then need to lay your leaves down with the side with all of the veins facing down into the clay. Then roll over the leaf until the lines imprint. DO NOT remove the leaf as when you handle it you fingers will rub out the lines. Cut around the leaves and lift off the table, then with your fingers smooth off the edges so they are neat and lay on your tray. Then you can peel the leaf off revealing the lines. Don't forget to put a hole in so you can hang them!
When you have made as many as you can leave to dry. These took a good couple of days sat on the window sill in the sun drying so you will have to be patient.

I used acrylic paint to cover the leaves on the front and back and then I added detail with Gold Leaf. You will need to buy the foil and paste so that you can give the leaves a bit of autumn glitz. 
I just put it round the edges but you could have it all over if you wanted.

Find some branches and then hang and display.

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