Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bake The World A Better Place

Bake The World A Better Place

Today I am at home all day so I have got the washing machine on a constant cycle and I thought I would do some baking,
I started making some silicone mould pumpkin shaped cakes, and even though I hate baking with silicone I continued and needless to say they got stuck.  So I am afraid they will not be appearing on the blog today. 
However, my second bake was a lot more successful.
If you are an avid follower you will recall that I baked some apple, cinnamon and honey cakes the other week (click HERE to view). Well, as they were just the most delicious things ever, I decided to make a large cake version.

This was exactly the same cake mix; 125g sugar, 125g Self raising flour,125g butter and 2 eggs. 
Then I cut apples into quarters and sliced them.

Once the mixture is in the tin place the apple along decoratively, sprinkle with cinnamon and cook for around 15 mins at 180. My tin was a long one as I wanted a rectangle, and it is a pastry tin but it worked well for this too. I got mine from Biggers of Bailgate in Lincoln, they also are online!

When it was cooked I got it out of the tray then heavily drizzled honey all over the top.  Then serve it warm with a cup of tea.

We took some round to our neighbours as they used to be bakers and every Saturday morning they would bring us cakes that were not perfect for selling, they were amazing!
I thought that they would enjoy some as they are both retired now.

The only problem with this cake is that it tastes like winter warmed up! It is so delicious you will find yourself munching on a crumb, then a bite and before you know it, a full slice!!
Better stop before there is non left for Rob!

I think the best thing about baking is that if you stick with the basic sponge recipe, you can add all sorts of your own twist and create delicious things for you and your family to enjoy. 
Sharing food with friends is also a great way to enjoy baking as it makes  a whole event out of one cake! 

Have a go at Baking The World A Better Place!

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