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Look After Those Cheap Bags!

Look After Those Cheap Bags!

We would all love to be walking around with designer handbags. I don't know anyone who would turn down a beautiful bit of arm candy! The only thing stopping most of us is the price. Unfortunately I don't have the spare £2000+ for a Chanel bag but boy would I love to have one!!
One thing that struck me when day dreaming over Chanel bags is how scared I would be at the thought of using it. I most definitely wouldn't be putting it on the floor on a night out to dance around!! Then that got me thinking, why do women do that? Regardless of the price of an item we should never abuse it.
I must say, I have never been one for putting a bag down but would definitely abuse it in other ways. Over using, over filling, leaving unlidded pens inside to leak!
The thing is whatever the price, even the cheapest from Primark, if you look after it then there is no reason why a £6 bag should ever look battered and worn!

To give you a little example of bags that will look great for years (as long as you look after them) I went to Primark in Lincoln and purchased these 4 bags for £23.

As you can see you have your classic beige and black, your stylish rose gold and monochrome patterned. 4 bags that should go with most looks that you create. From Neutral colours to clashes of pattern and colour.

This bag was £5 and would look lovely with an all black or white outfit. It would equally look great in with this seasons checks and with a range of autumnal reds.

Classic black with metal and a shimmer snakeskin detail. This was £6 and will go with everything!

This beige one was £6 and again, this will not let any outfit down. With it's little bit of detail it helps add to the outfit but not in a brash way.

Now this one is my favourite! It was £6 in a rose gold colour. The thing about rose gold is that it has a lovely softness that bright gold doesn't offer and for the autumn really brings soft romantic metallic shade to all your outfits. The tassel is also really heavy duty and a lovely accessory to the bag.

Even though these bags are really cheap it does not take away from how good looking they are. 
As long as I look after them, I am sure they will last me and eventually help me save for that Chanel number.

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