Thursday, 30 October 2014

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Trampoline Fun!

Family Fashion Photo Shoot

For a lot of people a trampoline is now a staple in the garden. My family have had a trampoline for near 20 years now and needless to say, they have had to change it a few times due to wear and tear.
I remember as a kid we would all pile out with our duvet's and play den's, thinking that we could sleep out on it all night and then realising what a foolish idea that would be! We spent a lot of time playing on it.
It is still heavily used by my younger sibling's and now my children. 
This was our platform for our photo shoot this week. I was imagining having us "flying" through the air but the realisation of "but we just want to play mummy," soon lead how we shot this one. It was also horribly windy and I foolishly wore a skirt, don't worry my dignity was kept!

I wore; ASOS biker boots (last years but they have a new style in stock), Primark skirt and tee and a Miss Selfridge Jacket (old, so I have linked to one like it).

Raphael wore; H&M twill chinos, Matalan Jumper and boots and a Next Hat

Giulietta Wore; Next Jeans and Top, Gap Outlet Jacket, Office Converse and a H&M Hat.

If you want to shop like us click the links;

Primark and Gap Outlet are on Lincoln high street and many more.

Photo credits go to my Sister Gabriella.

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  1. I am very glad to see a mother with her kid on trampoline. In my childhood I also did this with my mom. Anyway trampoline can be funny game for the kid. So you should seek for the best trampoline for your kids.


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