Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm In Umbrella Heaven

I'm In Umbrella Heaven

Today it has rained all day so I felt inspired to check out some new umbrellas. I have an old Bombay Duck red and white spot umbrella which is beginning to look a bit tatty now. I must have had it since before Rob and I were married so it has lasted really well but is definitely getting on a bit.

I found some lovely websites selling umbrellas that I thought I would share with you. There are Umbrella Heaven and Brollies Galore who have a huge range for men, women and children. Also ASOS has some lovely ones and it is these 3 companies that I have chosen the pictures from as examples of beautiful brollies!

From top left across; Totes Pearlised from ASOS, Bombay Duck Pink from Umbrella Heaven, Totes Black Flower from ASOS, Clear Star from Brollies Galore, Pink Star from Brollies Galore, Lulu Guinness Black Stripe from Umbrella Heaven, Lulu Guinness Clear Street Scene from Brollies Galore, Lulu Guinness Black Harlequin Stripe from Brollies Galore and Black with Floral Inner from Brollies Galore.

These are all just so beautiful and I am really taken by these two;

I love the thought of a clear umbrella and these two in particular from Brollies Galore are just Fab! The LuLu Guinness one in particular is super beautiful!

I hope these inspire you to embrace this wet weather with style!

Photos taken from corresponding websites.

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