Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Homemade Ring Dish

Homemade Ring Dish

Today I made some super cute personalised ring bowls. I often find that when I am wearing dress rings I take them off through the day when washing or cooking. I always end up leaving them on the side so as Raph and I had some clay out earlier prepping some things for halloween, I thought I would make a trinkets dish.

Using a small bowl that we had I simply placed the bowl face down on the rolled out clay and cut around. Then I very lightly pressed the clay inside the bowl to shape it. To personalise it I stamped the bottom of the bowl with a 'I' metal stamp that we have for wax sealing letters. It left the perfect imprint. I would of loved to do E.L.I for all my initials but I didn't have any other letter stamps. Then I left it in the bowl to dry. I think because it was a wooden bowl the clay didn't stick. I suppose a pottery one the clay might adhere to. You can always mould the clay around the outside of the bowl then lift it off once it is semi dry.

To decorate it I got the Gold Leaf out again!! This stuff is great for a bit of instant glitz. I painted the outside of the bowl a baby pink colour then gold leafed the inside letting it run scruffily over the edge. I like the look but you can easy make it neat. You could sand the edge a bit to smooth it off a bit.

A perfect little pot for your little treasures. These would make great presents if you had a full alphabet stamp set as your could make really personal pieces. 

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