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Getting Wear Out of Old Pieces

Getting Wear Out Of Old Pieces

I love it when the seasons come around and you find things that you haven't worn all year. I think Autumn is the best time for that as it is when coats and boots come out!
I am a bit of a coat and boot hoarder actually. I would rather buy coats and boots than anything else. It's funny though, as I always have my go to favourites that get a lot of wear and then "special" pieces that only come out a few times a year. I still get them out though and give them a good run around!
I think that is important when you shop to not just get "on trend" pieces but things that you know will look good next year as well. I think cheap shops like Primark are good for getting an instant fix, something that you might only wear a handful of times but will be up to date. I find if I am spending money, I am buying to hold on to and not to pass down to my sisters for some time.
Most of my boots these days are Leather. I get so annoyed at buying items and scuffing them as they are synthetic fabric. You can never repair them properly and that is irritating. With kids as well I find that with leather you can polish them up and protect them more.

3 years ago I spotted these thigh high boots in TKMaxx. They were about £120 and I loved them but couldn't justify spending that much on boots at the time. It must have been around Christmas as I remember going back a few months later with my mum and sister and the boots were in the sale for just £30! My sister and I both bought a pair. At the time I remember being teased as they were like Pantomime boots, but looking at what seems to be trending at the moment, over the knee boots are going to be popular this winter! The other amazing thing about them is that they are suede, so after some protective spray they have lasted really well.

I thought I would share some images, like I said the boots are old TKmaxx and the dress is also an old ASOS one.

The good thing about your old pieces is that you can mix them with something new and no one would ever know. I love this Bershka coat I also picked up in the sale at TKMaxx about 2 years ago for about £20. It is great for the Christmas season as it is sparkly and I have not worn it much due to me keeping it as a party coat. But because of that, it looks new every time I put it on.
I am wearing it here with a new Primark Skirt, old New Look shoes and a plain tee.


I am definitely learning as I grow up about spending more money and having less items. I even got out a jumper dress that was a cheap buy and after one wash it has bobbles all up the sides. I cannot tell you how much that grinds my gears!! I much prefer getting pieces that wear well, wash well and look stylish no matter how old they might be.

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