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What do you think of them? 
From an early age I knew I always wanted to work with kids. I went from school to college and did a diploma in childcare. Then went on to uni and did a degree in education and early childhood. Then I went into work at a school as a Teaching Assistant, a role which I really enjoyed. The floristry came later as we were given an opportunity that I just couldn't pass on but I know working with kids is my vocation. 

Having kids has also become my vocation too. Our two littleies are a real pleasure to behold. You know when you are just proud of something? Well I am proud of them. 

Because of my educational background I recognise certain stages of development, certain behaviour traits, different educational or physical needs in our children. Almost hypersensitive to it. 

Raphael is not really interested in art based activities. By this I mean stereotypically painting, drawing, etc. He does them but he is not one of these children who asks to draw. He does ask to build though. He adores lego at the moment and he is really into play. Especially imaginative play with small world figures and characters. 
Giulietta seems to be into anything where she uses fine motor skills. She has the perfect pincer style grip to pick up anything. From the tiniest crumb to a sheet of paper. She seems to love picking and passing. Constantly! She is really into using a fork and spoon independently at the moment which Raph still hates doing even now sometimes!
It's amazing watching their differences. Their developments. And it's amazing remembering how Raph was and how Etta is at similar ages. 

My parenting abilities also heavily come from my education and obviously from my parents. It's funny the different styles that people develop. I try to recognise the age and stage and then parent appropriately. I have high standards and I can't bear rude children so our battle at the moment is remembering our pleases and thank yous and not saying 'I want' but 'I would Like'. Seriously, I feel like I am constantly reading a Tony Ross book at the moment, one of his Little Princess stories about a rude princess who needs to learn her manners.
Raphael is really good but bad habits always creep in and if we don't stop them now he will just get ruder. 

Saying that though, he is very good at responding to our "Can you say that nicely please" with a "Please can I have Juice". So our constant reminding is working.

One thing that we love at the moment is that he comes out with great comments. But what I find more amazing is how he must have only picked them up from Rob as one in particular is just brilliant! Whenever I am changing or naked bathing Raph will just come out with, "Nice Tummy mummy!" But he says that every time. If he sees me with a top off or if I have just got dressed and he is seeing me for the first time its always "Nice Tummy Mummy". Rob and I can only presume that it is his interpretation of Rob's wolf whistling at me or saying how nice I look. Super cute.

Kids are great though. We are really enjoying our family at the moment, having those moments of just awe and wonder as they do something new for the first time.
I wonder what will happen next? I wonder what will be said next? All I know is, we just want to bottle it up to keep forever but I suppose like us and our parents, you just need to let them grow. 

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