Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rare evening for Dad

Rare evening for Dad

Well, the kids are in bed, I've done the pots, Emily's gone out to a party, I'm at home with SPARE time! This is a real rarity for me. A chance to write a couple of blogs, potter or do a few jobs that are not too taxing but I find relaxing. I've been listening to some tunes in the kitchen without anyone complaining about the choice of tunes & no Disney theme music is on. Bloc Party's 1st album is on at the minute & I've just finished re-siliconing behind the sink in the kitchen & caulked in the downstairs toilet by some boxing in I made ages ago. This is really easy & looks great if done well. There is a youtube video on how to silicone really well by a crazy Australian guy called Uncle Knackers. Well worth a peruse if your as sad as me! 

After that, I've decided to stew some rhubarb we've had from the garden. Stewing it is a great way of preserving it as there is always far to much to eat. You can use it over the winter months to make crumbles or pies or I really like making custard style yogurts by filling a quarter of a glass with cold rhubarb & topping with vanilla custard. Let it set in the fridge & these are a really nice snack or a good lucking pudding for friends/family you can prepare in advance. 

Some stowaways 

Now I've done a few little bits & relaxed I think I might watch some tv or just listen to some more tunes. Think it's a bit too dark & late for painting the guttering now!

(No snails were harmed in the making of this article)

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