Thursday, 11 June 2020

CREATIVE // Clip In Beaded Hair Decorations

Sometimes you need to just take a childish activity up a notch and create your own versions!

Etta and I had made some clip in beaded decorations for your hair a few weeks ago but I couldn't really get past the garish pearly colours. They just weren't the right look for a 30+ year old mum and I hadn't really shared the pictures anywhere because I knew I could do better. This last weekend I had a little sort out of my jewellery box and found two necklaces that I had seldom worn and only kept because I loved the sparkle on the beads. It suddenly dawned on me that these heavy, black tiny beads would be perfect for recreating the hair clips I had previously made with Etta.

This blog post simply exists at this point because I did in fact remake them and I decided that they looked so pretty I simple had to share.
With the summer coming up and a genuine lack of hair braiding going on in my life I feel that these clip in hair bead decorations are perfect for those summer parties, backyard festivals and general daily wear to dress up your hair!

As a mini-craft-make these hair clips took no real effort. In fact, I made them along side watching TV and drinking a coffee; a very relaxing craft to do.

The recipe

You will need: hair clips with a hole in them. Mine are from BAKER ROSS (hair grips will work too), strong thread, a thin needle (or steady hand) seed beads; similar from ETSY UK (small ones work best for effect) and if you want, jump rings for a more professional finish.

First you need to decide how your thread is attaching to your clip. You can simply tie the thread onto it, or you could use a jump ring and attach the thread to that. Both work fine as you don't want to see the clips anyway, they needn't be fancy, I tried the two different ways so I want to share that you could do it either.

 Take a length of thread that is a bit longer than the length of your hair and and tie a double knot on one end. Then using your beads thread the whole strand. You might want to double up your thread for extra strength but if you are using a needle, make sure it can be threaded on and that it fits through the eye of the beads. A needle makes threading the beads much quicker, especially small ones so I would suggest using one but it is not necessary. When you have threaded nearly the whole strand tie a knot as close to the last bead as possible. Use the remaining thread on the strand to then tie it to the hair clip. Mine have holes in them so I simply threaded through the hole and tied it off. If you are using a jump ring, tie the thread to that before you then attach the ring to the clip.

And that's it. That simple. The key is really to make something that isn't too heavy so it pulls the clip down your hair, and something that sits naturally under a layer of hair not leaving any bumps. You literally can do what you want with these, honestly, enjoy!

If you have beads left over get yourself some thin elastic and turn them back into wearable jewellery. I made myself a bracelet that I have already worn more times than I ever wore the necklaces!


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