Monday, 13 October 2014

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Bike Rides

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - Bike Rides

I am so lucky to have grown up in the country. Our upbringing has been very outdoors based and we have been lucky enough to have a garage filled with treasures. I mean having 8 children, my parents have had a lot of stuff and bikes have definitely probably been one thing that we were never short of. However I always remember the times when we are all ready to set off for a bike ride and at least two bikes have completely flat tyres. My poor dad had to constantly fix them for us, he must have hated every mention of a bike ride!
In fact Bikes are a bit of a fun thing in our house as for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary we bought them a gorgeous tandem bike so that even as us children all leave home and they might get lonely, they can still always go on adventures together.
The bike that we went out on the other day is an old tricycle that my mum bought with 2 seats on the back for kids. It is pretty rusty now but it is a classic Raleigh bike so still has a lot of life left in it!
With the kids strapped in we went for a ride down the lane!

I wore; beautifil ASOS Molly TBar shoes, ASOS Twill trousers,ASOS Scarf and my Jumper was a Charity Shop find.

Raphael wore; old Lacoste boots, Next black jeans, H&M stripe top, old Next Shirt.

Giulietta wore; Next everything bar her Cath Kidston Hankie Headband.

Both children were munching on apples from my parents garden and very much enjoying the ride! This was a beautiful little outing and as always it was a shame that Rob was out working! We will get him in a shoot soon! Enjoy!

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  1. Actually your Father brought me the bike for one of my birthdays!


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