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Getting The Pumpkins Out

Getting The Pumpkins Out

When I am feeling low I find my home is my inspiration to feeling better. I wanted to dig out all our Halloween decorative bits from the attic but the thought of having to move clothes and other boxes about always puts me off. However, I have been spurred on by the fact that I asked Rob to pick up some pumpkins from Doddington Hall Farm Shop just outside of Lincoln and felt the need to get in those cupboards and get my bits and bobs out.

Halloween is Rob's favourite time of year. For me, I am not wholly interested. Now this is a really hard one to explain. I have a huge problem with Horror. Anything to do with Horrible films, living dead, zombies, wicker or evil anything; I am very quick to turn away from. Since being with Rob I have never dressed up as anything 'scary' for any halloween. Whether it's Little Red Riding Hood, Hermione Granger, a Robot (box body and all) or even a little pumpkin, I am never scary! I have a huge problem with there being a night to frighten and scare and my upbringing was about not supporting it. Plus, when parts of the world are living in Horror, I hate to glamourise it. 
However, I have come round a lot more to the family time and enjoyment you can have. I love the idea of family parties, dressing up (not scarily) , exciting food, socialising, trick or treating, pumpkin carving and the decoration that comes with it.

I hate that all I can buy in the shops are blood drip stickers, scary scream faces and ugly mummy/zombi figures. What is that all about?
A few years ago, TKMaxx got in a few bits that reminded me more of the American home decor style and I bought quite a bit. As my tastes have changed, they have changed and as I have grown up, I myself make more now to suit how I want to celebrate Halloween. 
I have seen some lovely food ideas that I will show you in other blog posts but this one is just going to show you how I have decorated the house a bit.

Firstly you can not go wrong with real pumpkins. We have Doddington Hall Farm shop on the outskirts of Lincoln and they have a beautiful range of mixed pumpkins and squashes. We got all of our fresh ones from them.

My Gyp pompoms are from The Arbour flower shop on steep hill and I have put the in Zinc pots also from The Arbour.

My metal pumpkins, orange twig ones and metal sign are from TKmaxx.

My black Signs and black pumpkins were all orange with writing and scary faces on them so I painted over them with chalk board paint and wrote on my own messages.

My Mantle piece is covered with candles and my Homemade Pumpkin Garland (Click for post)

My old postcard cushion was TKmaxx also and I love that it says 'A Merry Halloween'. It should be Merry! 

So this has got me started and made me feel a whole lot better. Here's to making more Halloween treats and enjoying Autumn!!

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