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Halloween Food

Halloween Food

As we are hosting a kids' Halloween get together I thought I would share with you some of my superb cooking skills!!
Well I am not that great actually but these were super easy recipes for fun food.

The easiest spooky treat was these pumpkin face oranges. Simply use a food pen and draw pumpkin lantern style faces on the orange skin. SUPER EASY! (I picked up our food pen from Biggers of Bailgate in Lincoln).

Too easy I here you say, well try these melon and blackberry kebabs. Simply cut the melon into chunks and skewer with a blackberry in-between. REALLY EASY!

Ok so they are both cool looking and easy for you all. Next is jumping a level.....spooky strawberries!! So for this you need fresh strawberries and I used two bars of white chocolate. Get your chocolate melted, I used the bain marie method, and once it is runny simply dip the strawberries and lay onto parchment paper. Before the set stick chocolate chips on for eyes and a mouth. EASY!

While you are doing chocolate ones you might as well carry on. These are dipped breadsticks which you half cover in chocolate and then sprinkles. The kids LOVE these! They are so easy as well. Just dip and sprinkle then leave to set. Our black and white sprinkles were perfect for Halloween too and they were from Biggers of Bailgate in Lincoln. EASY!

So a harder and more fiddly food is toffee apples. This is only hard because of the caramel you have to make. We did 400g of golden caster sugar mixed with 4 teaspoons of golden syrup and a teaspoon of vinegar. We thought we had it hot enough and dipped all of our apples, but as it turns out, I think it was too chewy and we could have done it longer. However, it as a method is still good.
As you can see ours are apple bites rather than whole apples. I used a melon scoop to make smaller balls of apples and then poked lollypop sticks into them to make them more manageable. If the caramel was right these would be perfect. Raph loved them anyway.

The last tasty treat was my staple decorated biscuits. These are only the hardest as there is a longer method. Click HERE to view my detailed guide. I used spooky shapes to give them that halloween edge and decorated them accordingly. These are perfect for parties as kids love the bright colours and they are great for putting in a party bag instead of a piece of cake.

If you fancy throwing a party of your own and just want to make some themed foods for this week, these are perfect for family teas, student house parties or just for indulging in by yourself. (If you are enjoying by yourself, go for the chocolate strawberries!!)

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