Sunday, 19 October 2014

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love

To be loved. To give love.

I have been lucky enough to be loved unconditionally. I have my parents to thank for that. Parents have to love you. It would take a very strong willed parent to completely renounce all knowledge of you. If they left you when you were young and you never heard from them again, do you think that they never once thought of you and felt a love deep down in their hearts for you?

I love to believe that no parent would ever completely denounced their child. Even if they said they did, I am sure their heart may tell a different story.

As new parents, I feel that inbuilt in me is a power of love for my children. Regardless of their behaviour and my want to get away from them at the end of a long day, I couldn't ever truly want to be away from them.

I hate seeing people complain about their children publicly. I know we all need to vent sometimes but I feel facebook isn't the place to do it. Rather than sitting and writing how fed up of them you are, take yourself off for 5 minutes peace. You can just shut a door. Stare out of the window for no reason. Just take yourself away. Even if it is just in your mind. Things can look a lot different without the negativity.
I have hard days. Today I heard that you need to be grateful. For everything. You should have points in your day when you reflect and realise just what you have.  When you are grateful your heart expands and in that you can give so much more to people. If we only state the complaints in our life, where are we making room for happiness. 

Love is happiness. Being in love. Giving love. Receiving love. Again I am lucky that I found a husband and the one I want to share my life with. Having that other person to thrust my love on to only reflects what I know from my parents. But with this knowledge I feel that I can give so much to our marriage. Yes there are days when I just hit the wall. I am still putting the dirty clothes in the basket and the towels left on the floor are waiting for ME to put them away. I think, "My life is spent picking up after 3 children!" But these are just days when I have forgotten that Rob got up through the night to deal with Etta. Or "dinner was delicious last night" as Rob made it. 
We pick up after each other because we love each other. We are trying to make each other happy.

I wanted to share with you the thought of loving unconditionally. I don't know where your individual lives are but I felt I needed to share with you a thought on how we can all improve our spiritual happiness. 

We can only change the world by portraying how we all should act. We know what's right and wrong. And deep down, we know it all begins with love. We must love each other. Obviously on different levels but the only way to beat the blues is to get happy. And the only way to do that is to be with parents, partners, family and friends. And of course, to love being with them.

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