Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Winter Sun!

Winter Sun!

I love days when it's cold but the sun is blazing down. Everything just looks so beautiful. I never remember to put my sunglasses in my bag when it starts getting colder but boy, you really need them somedays.
I thought I would share some styles with you that I love at the moment. Funnily enough, I am really into the rounder shape and you can tell that via all of the pairs I purchased. 
Looking around there are loads of lovely styles and shapes. The best thing though about buying sunglasses now is that so many pairs are in the sale! I had a tiny splurge on a few pairs that I loved!

Cheap Monday via ASOS £15.00

ASOS £4.00

ASOS Kitten Eye £4.50

River Island via ASOS £6.50

Missguided £5.99

Next £12

To shop these styles click the links below

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