Saturday, 18 October 2014

Being a husband part 2 - Work/Family life ratio

Being a husband part 2

Work/Family life ratio

As a man, routine is what we find comforting. I can go a long time without needing much comfort or reassurance & can just go to work, come home & will feel absolutely fine every day. Therefore you assume that everything is ok with your home/work balance. As a husband, it's not as easy as that. You need to make sure that everyone else in the house is happy with the ratio. If they are not, little problems work their way to the surface very gradually. You have made the choice to become a husband but it can be testing.

For me, I am always conscious of trying to earn enough money to keep us afloat & to allow for certain luxuries. But where do you draw the line? How much money is enough?

The answer is that if you chase money, you will never have enough. The more you earn, the more will get spent. It is a very gradual effect over many years & I think this is why so many husbands grow apart from their wives & vice versa. They start off trying to provide for their families & then get too greedy, start doing more hours & trying to earn more than they actually need. This can then lead to a more tense, more resentful family life. The most important thing is to be aware of it happening & take the steps you need to get the balance right. You are also trying to keep various people happy, whether it be your boss, clients or colleagues. You must never forget that you need to keep you wife happy too. Come home from work happy to see her, kiss & hug her, tell her you love her as your marriage is much more important than any job!

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