Saturday, 18 October 2014

Retreat Time!

Retreat time!

This is religious, but to all ladies it relates!!

Today I went on a day retreat at our church which was run by a group of Franciscan Sisters. These ladies are American and their happiness is infectious. This was a religious day for women run by nuns helping us to understand and better our faith. 
I thought I would share this little experience with you as there was something that was said that really made me think. And for all women it relates.

One Sister was explaining the point of Retreat. Was is that? It's time that we can take out of our lives to give to ourselves. 

It's time to get out of the busyness and reflect on how we feel, how we want to live and where we want to get.

Our life can't always be going at 100mph. We need that time to just chill and reflect. To centre ourselves and to bring our thoughts together away from the noise of work, home or children.

Obviously, retreats don't have to be in a church! I am also fond of the day spa kind of retreats. Those times when you can take yourself away from the world and experience the rewards of quiet time and time of reflection. 

It is good to give yourself an opportunity to ponder on life's thoughts. You can even do this in your bedroom, with a cup of tea and some candle light. I love how having the opportunity to just think as it allows the mind to refocus on the important things. 

For me today was not just about religion. I know these ladies and have met them on several occasions so opportunities to see them allows me to catch up with friends. 
I am lucky that seeing them also helps me in my faith.

So for my retreat, I was spiritually able to be uplifted and a day away from Rob, the kids and the washing pile helped me think about general things that I wouldn't usually have time to ponder.

Ladies in da hood!

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