Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Pinterest Diaries #5 FASHION: Backless Loafers

Come on Emily, keep up, It's been ages since I have mentioned my P I N T E R E S T page but I must say it is something that I have been working on for a few months now and absolutely love the growth it is making. Not only is it a one stop shop for all my images, my blog posts all go up there too and of course everything I love. I think what always excites me most about my P I N T E R E S T is that I love creating a board pre-trying something out and finding inspiration from everyone else. Especially in the fashion world and just getting ideas as to how people wear certain things. A few months ago I made a board dedicated to styling V A N S shoes and then got myself a pair and have found that I really love them. They are a regular feature in my life but it was Pinterest that helped me have the confidence to buy and truly enjoy wearing them {see my post here}.
After a recent family wedding and seeing my Aunt in a pair of the most gorgeous Gucci Princetown backless loafers, a shoe I have actually been dreaming about, I thought it was about time I looked into this shoe which is taking the fashion world by storm. Like with most recurring trends, I remember my mum having quite a few backless loafers and always thinking they were totally uncool (sorry mum) but I think sometimes you are left with that thought in your head so you kind of stay clear of certain things due to your natural thoughts about them. Backless loafers or mules were that kind of thing for me until I was introduced to the new wave of them. Now I am addicted to seeing how they are being styled. My Aunt is like the most fashionable person I know and having not been able to even dream about buying a pair of Gucci shoes I have been looking elsewhere and trying my hand at a few pairs. My P I N T E R E S T   F A S H I O N  Board on backless loafers is full of the Gucci Princetown but to be honest it's the outfits I always look for and how to wear them. Luckily for me, mainly cropped trousers or jeans in a slightly more straight leg rather than skinny seems to be the ultimate pairing. With blouses, jumpers and striped tees making an appearance I am thinking that these shoes would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.
So perfectly that I did buy myself a pair which I love, but I feel they are a bit small as my heel sits right on the edge. They are from MANGO via ASOS and unfortunately are one of the most popular shoes of the season so have sold out everywhere and I can see why, Just look at their beauty:

And if that wasn't enough for you to drool over, my P I N T E R E S T has loads of pictures and it is growing all the time!!

What do you think about them?

I love that my pins give me a push to try something and see what it might be like with the rest of my wardrobe before I officially commit. I have a feeling though that these style of shoes are going to make a huge appearance in my life though!
Come hook up with me on P I N T E R E S T and send me your thoughts. I would love to see them!!

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