Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Countryside Lincs 2017! #LoveLincoln

They couldn't have had better weather if they had asked for it and I'm sure the team at the Lincolnshire Showground couldn't believe their luck when they saw the weather forecast for Sunday as they planned to open the fields to the public for their annual Countryside Lincs. show.
What a fantastic day! That pretty much sums it up. It really was a brilliant day out for families to allow parents and children to experience a very rural show which wasn't too full-on or too wide-spread allowing all to take part and get something from it. The showground itself is a great venue and if you have ever been to the big, summer Lincolnshire Show you will know it is also a vast space, but for this fair it was much more contained yet still had plenty of space to move around the green fields and explore. 

The whole concept for the Countryside Lincs. festival is so that local business can really showcase what they have. Food vendors or farmers, dog-hunt owners or sheep-dog herders, there is a place for everyone. What's wonderful is that it was so well supported by locals too, all there to sit in the tractors or stroke the sheep, talking to falconry masters or even watching woodsmen and their chainsaw skills; there was something to see all around the park area and take part in.

We are lucky in a way that we are seasoned goers to the Lincolnshire show so you get a bit spoilt with that but this is a perfect complementry event that younger kids will love.
For us, we spent the day being quite guided by the kids, all I wanted were some macarons and once I had them I was happy to do anything, but Raph and Etta were also quite easily pleased watching sheep have a hair cut or sitting and stroking a giant tortoise. Etta was also totally besotted by a pack of very sleepy hound dogs who had come to do a display. They were very much enjoying sleeping in the sunshine but their lack of movement didn't entertain Etta too much, but she was happy to sit and stroke them through the fencing while they rested. 

We also got the chance to make some sausages. Etta very much looked the part and I think was totally bemused by it but we enjoyed it!
The kids both also decorated a biscuit in the food zone and when eating it Raph lost his first tooth! Quite a milestone moment and one that he simple couldn't believe. 

With a tractor ride and seeing their Uncle who works there, heading out to the showground proved to be a fantastic day out!

And on leaving, once the kids had rolled about on the grass a bit more, all guests were treated to a parting gift in the form of a daffodil plant which was a really wonderful way to end our day.
Well done Lincs. Show girls & boys; it was, for us, a great success!

Note it down for next year and check out their show in the summer on 21st/22nd June.

*Thank you to the team for inviting us on this experience!

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