Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cake For Me!

When it comes to baking I wouldn't say I am the most accomplished but you readers will know that I do enjoy it and give it a good effort when I do bake. I am no cake artist either, but again, love to have a try and often want to create simple and pretty for the family to enjoy. Last week however I had a week of baking hell. 3 cakes, I made two of which were pretty dire (tasty though) so didn't make the cut for using and my final carrot cake creation nearly headed to the bin after I forgot to take the greaseproof paper off the bases and realised after sandwiching together with the butter cream. I almost threw it at the wall there and then but after a very sticky dismantle and re-sandwich, the cake came out well. It has been delicious still and even though this was made on Friday, it kept us going over the whole weekend and Mothering Sunday. 

The main aim for me baking in the first place was actually to use my new personalised cake topper. Having discovered Lucy Rose Gifts on Instagram (got to love finding brilliant independent stores on there) I discovered that she was creating bespoke written cake toppers and I honestly have always wanted one. In fairness I could have gone for anything but what do you choose? The joy of these though is that I have been able to repackage the delicate glitter cut out back up and put it away so it can be used again and again. My birthday is in the summer so I think it will defo make an appearance then. 

As a piece though I love just how it looks and I really love its simplicity. How easy it is to make even the poorest looking cake look loads better. My efforts weren't all to waste after all, my pink and gold explosion really ended up being a treat!

*Post in collaboration with Lucy Rose Gifts

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