Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Another Theatre Winner With LPAC #LoveLincoln

If you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about us finding Lincoln's LPAC theatre and having a great experience watching one of their shows (see post here) and today we got to experience another wonderful performance by the Egg Box Theatre Company at this wonderful theatre.
Unfortunately, for this experience I was actually unable to take any photos as the whole performance took place inside a dome set up in the main auditorium. It was a really personal session with only about 30 people there, about half adults with a performance aimed at 2-5 years olds. The story of Roux taking us all up to space where we met moonkeeper Cosmo was one of the most wonderful pieces of interactive children's theatre I have seen. Their gentle acting with great use of simple objects like balloons, was so magical and a really wonderful thing to be part of. As a parent I was sucked into Roux's caring way of wanting to make friends with Cosmo, the only person on the moon, and with his great use of story telling and interaction with the children, you only had to look around the dome to see all children's faces fixate up at him hanging on every word he said.

What a show to share with the children. It was perfect for ours, and their ages and at only 45 minutes long I was so pleased I booked us in to see it. 
I wrote before about how I wanted to encourage our children more in taking them to the theatre because it really brings creativity to life. These tickets were £5 each and for that what they have got from today makes it almost not enough to pay! A wonderful story about space has absolutely invaded our hearts and will have us looking up to the stars and waving to Cosmo knowing that she is up there waving back!

Up and coming events that we have booked to see:

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*Post in collaboration with LPAC. Picture credits to Egg Box Theatre Company

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