Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Mid-Week Crisis

It hits us all. That want to do something other than what we are expected to do. Last week, Tuesday came round and in my avoidance to work and with a want to be creative I decided to paint our spare room. This had been something that had been niggling at me for ages because our really good sized spare room was an absolute waste of space. It had become a dumping ground for all things blog related and washing related. Piles of clean washing were over the bed and the airers were always up and full of washing. I also still had the baby cot up for when family came round with little ones but on Tuesday, I just cracked. It all had to go!! More because it is a great sized room for using as a room but it was not being used like that. 
I have wanted an office for a while, well maybe not a formal office but a space where blogging can be easy meaning that I am not always working from the dining table and letting work life infiltrate family life. Obviously with this room I was conscious that I wanted it to be useful, to be used so I got caught up in the notion of creating a different kind of work space.

The reality is it has to be a bedroom. Eventually ours won't want to share so I didn't want to create something that I would loath losing. Also, our spare bed gets a lot of visits from my sister who takes it upon herself to use great foresight when going out in town to stay at our 'town house' rather than pay for a taxi into the countryside! It gets use as a bedroom so it needed to stay as one. 

The simplicity of this project was really that all I have done is put away/charity shop the unnecessaries. Remove unneeded furniture; a chair went out and I have given our cot to my brother who is expecting which has simply left the bed and a basket that is full of soft toys.

Then the white paint came out and that was it. It has created a white box room which is proving to be great for photos and the window is on the sunshine side and the already painted white floor helps bounce light around even more. 

We will still use it for drying laundry but I think as it looks so nice Rob and I will resist piling washing up on the bed, It is so much easier to just put away. With the warmer weather coming also we will be hanging washing on the line which always changes the way we do laundry anyway!

With a couple of house plants a string of fairy lights and 3 LACK shelves from IKEA, I feel the room is totally updated and far more welcoming as a space to use. 

I feel that if I was an unmarried woman this would be how I would style my bedroom. It is very feminine. I think the placement and style of objects I have on the shelves is very Pinterest inspired. 
I hope it stays this clean and spacious and gives us another room to enjoy in our house rather than a space we just want to ignore.


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  1. What a beautiful room this is Emily- so bright and fresh. I also get these mid-week moments where I feel on edge with my to-do list and just get the urge to clean or decorate. I usually end up doing the cleaning but perhaps next time I'll pick up a brush and a pot of white paint and just get cracking on one of the rooms. This looks fab! I really love the shelves especially x


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