Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Denim For Me {Emily} #Stealmystyle FT. MosMosh

Finding good denim is somewhat of a life long investment I think. You really have to put in the time in your searching if you want a pair of jeans that are gonna last you through the years. And good demin should. Good denim should not need washing after every wear,should be a cut that flatters and keeps its shape and there is no way good denim should wear away quickly especially through the knees, unless bought that way!
I often hear that jeans buying brings lots of disapointment. It is a sore subject for a lot of women and in fact it is a task that many avoid, but for me, I simply adore wearing jeans and therefore it really has become something I enjoy doing. That doesn't mean I am also not one of these women. This year actually has brought a lot of disappointment and I have tried plenty of pairs in my usual style and have found high street shops quite simply don't fit. That's a blow. I mean, that's the kind of thing that really gets me especially when I wouldn't have noticed other things not fitting in the same size. I am usually a standard size 10 but some shops are just taking the piss with their sizing and it is so damaging to one's self confidence. 
When I received my first pair of M O S M O S H jeans I had an instant meltdown. Pulled them up over my hips and got them done up, but I had a bit of a crisis in thinking they were too tight. How embarrassing: a brand want to work with me and I will have to email them to say the clothes are too small. This is literally my worst nightmare. I decided however to keep them on. I felt they gave me a muffin top, but Rob severely disagreed. These I suppose are my own self doubts creeping in. What happened through the day with these jeans though is quite unbelievable. The cut I loved, super skinny in navy blue denim; my absolute fave. Long too, so for me at 5ft7 it's not often you get a standard size that sits exactly on your ankle (I still like a little turn up though!) and as I wore them they almost moulded too me. In fact by the end of the day it was like a different pair of jeans. My 'pinching' sensation had totally gone and the jeans felt like the most well fitting jeans I have ever owned. So good that I actually wore them for 4 days in a row before I opted for a change. And that wasn't even to wash them, I just thought that it was maybe enough wears for that week! They didn't get baggier, didn't misshape at the knees, in fact taking these jeans off on the 4th day could easily be pulling them on for the first time. I don't know what it was about this pair in particular but I honestly decided that if ever I needed to replace these (think they may last forever though) I would be buying the exact same pair.
Having emailed the company to tell them just how amazing I thought the jeans were they suggested I try a few other pairs that are their sell out options and see what I think. I had high hopes, but when the black and caramel skinny jeans arrived it was like a different experience. A good one though, again so surprising. 
Both pairs are perfect for mums, they are designed with a high back so you don't get that embarrassing panty show when you bend down. They also sit across the stomach and have the pockets put in slightly lower so you can sit a top nicely over and feel that as a woman with a less toned stomach than most superstars (it's true) they give you that comfort blanket feeling. The black and caramel jeans also are slightly bejeweled around the pockets and have more extravagant zips than the original pair. Cut slightly wider at the ankle, but the fit, I felt truly confident in these 10s and that they were the perfect size for me. 
I could go on and one about how great these jeans are but I know everyone's denim experience is personal. Here I am going to share some looks with links to the exact pairs and I hope that you might have found the information useful.

Hope this if food for inspiration and just remember, as long as you feel you look good in your jeans and they bring you confidence, it doesn't matter what size they are!

* Post in collaboration with MOSMOSH

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