Friday, 14 April 2017

Preparing For Easter Ft. Sainsbury's

I really should have posted this yesterday, on Maundy Thursday as the Easter weekend begins, but time just ran away and I have found myself thinking that Good Friday is now the time when I am focusing myself to it. For us Easter is a wonderful time. What a fantastic celebration to happen in one of the most beautiful seasons. With our surroundings becoming a little brighter, the earth showing signs of life and the trees in full blossom it becomes a wonderful time of new life, new beginnings and a change of mood as we are all drawn to get outside and enjoy life once more.

For us, Easter is a wonderful time in our spiritual life. It becomes a journey over this whole weekend and church features a lot as we experience the death and resurrection of Jesus. Much in the same way that we experience the death of winter's darkness and the rising of the new world in spring. This is where we centre ourselves as the weekend brings so much more than just a chocolate gorge! We will be happily taking part in that though also! Having given up chocolate and sweets for Lent, all four of us are hugely excited for Easter Sunday when we will start our day off with a big bowl of mini eggs! It has been a struggle this year but I couldn't be more proud of the children who have embraced it amazingly and offered any chocolates they've received to the Easter box which is now full of treats. In fact Raphael has brought us to tears with his absolute honesty in it all, as when we suggested it I really thought that it would be something they wouldn't even think about. I wasn't worried, I just wanted them to recognise that Lent was a time for sacrificing and even if they hadn't thought about it as the year went by it would become a familiar thing, but Raph has just been inspirational in it really. This Easter Sunday will sure offer a feast for him to celebrate with!

This week is always a funny one too. Easter week/weekend is a perfect time to really slow down. It is the next big thing since Christmas and it is a nice time to just pause and have fun with the family again. I have been so lax in my preparation; I haven't even got an Easter tree up yet as I have just had my head somewhere else, but thanks to Sainsbury's who sent us a pack of Easter activities, I feel like I have been able to stop and have some time with the kids doing some Easter activities.

With building our Easter bonnet or in fact practising our egg hunt skills for the big day, the colourful activities just helped make me stop and actually do something themed with the children.
The sun shone in the house and it was so warm and spring-like just allowing us to stop, with a cup of tea and just enjoy the moment. OK, well I got a little stressed with the super runny sticky glue but apart from that, the kids were able to get super excited!

Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you enjoy it and just get the most out of getting a few extra days off!

Easter Peace And Joy To You All!

*Post in collaboration with Sainsbury's who sent us their chocolates, bunny ears, egg hunt kit and Easter hat kit to play with.

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