Monday, 24 April 2017

A Quick Facial For Me FT. L'Oreal

I always wish and will myself to be more proactive in my beauty health. I NEED to be better with giving my skin some much valued TLC and more than just my everyday wash and cleanse. I recently bought myself some of the L'Oreal pure clay masks to try and entice me into giving myself a few evenings where I could potentially scare the kids when I go and check on them in bed. It's true, I have given them warning a few times, "Mum's got a face mask on so she looks strange" just to give them a heads up! But that aside, as all of us should, I wanted to just try and regularly give my skin a deeper cleanse and try and kick out some dirt from the pores. I got these back in February but have only really used them twice a week in the last month. I picked up the Detox Charcoal maskPurity Clay face mask and the Glow mask. Using L'Oreal's own online guide, these masks are made so that you can use them to target specific areas. Want your cheeks to glow then specifically target it with the glow mask. Try using the purity mask on your T-zone and why not tackle blackheads with the charcoal mask on nuisance areas like you chin? For me I like to stick to using one for all over and have found that I like how the charcoal works best on my mildly dry/mildly oily skin. I love that it really makes me feel clean. Once it is washed off with warm water you get that lovely super clean shine, almost like if you rubbed your skin it would squeak! Also with this mask in particular you can see it working in the pores. The purity mask is a much lighter feel, and much cooler, almost something for a bit more of a revitalise. The glow mask is my least favourite as I don't feel it does much for me. It is one I wouldn't look to buy again but the other two I most certainly will be.

For me, giving myself those five minutes is proving very important. I am enjoying doing after I have been out for a long day or even if I have done a gym or swim session to almost hydrate my skin again. I have really noticed that my monthly blemishes are a lot less but I also think L'Oreal's Age Perfect extraordinary facial oil is really helping my skin out and allowing spots to heal quicker and disappear.

All I hope with little beauty blog posts is to share knowledge of an item. I often get to the beauty counter and just have no idea what to buy and find myself checking what everyone else is saying before I try.
My favourite items are the oil and detox mask and find these are what I will be replacing as they work for my skin type.

What works for you?

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