Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Prepping For Dinner Parties Ft. Premier Estates Wine

By now you will have realised that any event where we could have a little bit of fancy dining, I like to dress up for. And not just me personally; I love decorating a table for a feast and presenting items nicely for all to enjoy. With Easter coming up this weekend, Rob's birthday at the end of the month and even a family wedding in between, my brain is a bit hyperactive in thinking about display and enjoyment. 
I always find when it comes to food I have grown a collection of nice dishes which make everything look more presentable. Cakes are also a biggy with presentation for me; always making sure stands match colours and decoration is good because that is what I enjoy, the finishing touches almost. In the past I have written about sprucing ordinary drinks up and I am always up for garnishing, but recently, and in preparation for a big family weekend of eating and drinking, it seems only fitting that I spruce up a few bottles from P R E M I E R E S T A T E S wines in time for the spring season. With brilliant deals on boxes of 6, getting a couple of each of their fizzies seemed the best thing to do and with next day delivery I had the bottles in plenty of time for our event.

I am not a big drinker but if there is any Prosecco on the menu you can bet that's what I will be enjoying. I mean, what's more perfect then an refreshing cold glass of Prosecco? Such a perfect accompaniment to all party drinking if you ask me. Is there a time when it isn't appropriate?? Maybe 9 o'clock in the morning, but I've been known to enjoy a bucks fizz at breakfast before!

Anyway, with their simple labelling these bottles are perfect for styling in a big ice bucket with some fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers with anything anyway so dispensing them between your ice cubes is a great way to display your guests drinks.

But what if you are not sure what fizz is best for you? Well I always think you can never go wrong with pink! And that is probably true for all areas of life! The Grand Rose is a perfect complement for everything, whether it is as a greeting aperitif or used through the whole event, I think everyone loves a nice pink prosecco! I also always love to add some fresh raspberries, to prosecco; it really gives a zing next to its drier flavour and makes it look so pretty!
If you are not sure pink is right for you, their classic Prosecco may then just be perfect. Their award winning wine is a great Italian companion to any feast. Prosecco is a dear love of mine, and a full delicately fruity flavour is ideal for drinking especially on these warmer days.
Another great sparkling wine in their range is Premier Estates (again award winning) Cava that will suit all. Delicate and fizzy and ready to go with all kinds of foods for all kinds of occasions, whether it is at a dinner party or on a picnic on the beach; this wine is a winner.

For me, anything fizzy tickles my fancy so having the opportunity to try all of these is great. I especially like the pink and you can follow them: Premier Estates on Instagram. I love that they share fun recipes for drinking your chosen bottle. They even put up a candyfloss cocktail the other day that I am really up for trying!

With bottles chosen and ready for your event I have found that a big open ice bucket is the best way to display them and as fizzy wine is so popular for being classy and delicate I have styled some beautiful spring blooms between the ice cubes. Ranunculus, Stocks and Carnation heads are perfect for this but any flower head would do and as they are sat on water they should look good for the whole event.
I have styled the heads in little clusters surrounding the bottles and they bring such life to the dish. It makes a beautiful feature piece for the centre of a table.

Whether it's dinner, birthdays, christenings or weddings, using flowers to help present you drinks is a beautiful and inviting way to get people involved in the party!

Why not have a go for your next event? 

*Post in collaboration with Premier Estates Wines

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