Sunday, 23 April 2017

Meetings, Mark Warner and a wonderful afternoon tea.

This week for me has been mentally hectic. I can't say I have done lots, well, bar a trip to London, but as far as business goes it has been fine. The London trip was something special though so the build up and come down have been quite colossal in my mind. Not only was the trip very much work oriented but the idea of meeting up with people who I don't really know is always intimidating regardless of how well you think you know people. Meeting other bloggers is also always totally mind baffling in itself because their 2D life that you are so comfortable interacting with suddenly confronts you in such a strange way and as much as you want to squeal "you're famous!", in my mind anyway, it is also strange being classed as one of them. 
Earlier in the year I applied and won a role as ambassador with Mark Warner, an extremely reputable holiday company who I will be holidaying with later in the year. So that in itself was exciting and the point of this meet up was, yes, work related but in a wonderfully social way.

What was also equally exciting was that we were heading to The Townhouse at The Kensington Hotel who offer a Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and The Beast themed) afternoon tea which kinda excited our childhood dreams of eating at that infamous dinner table with Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs Potts!!
Having got stuck on the tube I was already all flustered as I was late and I hate that more than anything, and having had no time before to take some fancy photos of the Hotel and Restaurant I feel what I have to share doesn't do this beautiful building and interiors justice. However, the whole experience was so surreal and amazing that is why I think my mind is having trouble keeping up with it all. 

The meeting with everyone itself was great and in between all the chatter and cups of tea we were truly dined to perfection with the afternoon tea experience. With starters all relating to song words from the original score, "Beef ragout, Cheese souffle.....''. We were all well and truly loving the experience. Then came the more traditional tea stand with fresh bread and classic finger sandwiches followed by a chocolate Cogsworth and some "Grey stuff, It's delicious". Don't believe me? Honestly ask the other girls!!

All in all it was a wonderful experience to have and share as I know The Townhouse is actually fully booked for this until November this year so that made it an extra special experience for us.
As far as planning our Mark Warner Holiday goes, it looks like we are off Skiing!!!!!! Hopefully to Tignes in France and the week before Christmas which should be Magical!

SO for me, I have a good few months of reading up on some other bloggers' experiences with Mark Warner and taking a look at their own BLOG.
Thanks MW for the lovely experience. Hers to meeting up again and an enjoyable year of planning and travelling for us all!


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