Friday, 7 April 2017

Fun At Fantasy Island #LoveLocal

As soon as school holidays begin every parent becomes quite aware of the huge routine change. I think for the first few mornings we all love it, leaving that mad rush behind and not having to get the kids to school on time. But such a big change can also bring arguments, cross children and lots of grumpiness as we all have to change are usual routines to suit. 
Some people fill their time on holiday with lots of activities, but I personally find that too exhausting so we opt for a more laid back approach and plan the odd big day out and focus our attention to playing at home, seeing family and trying to be more relaxed. 
I have always struggled with that first proper day of the holiday though, usually ending in disarray as neither child can cope without their usual routine. But this holiday has started off brilliantly by kicking off with a huge day out to entertain all of us. 
Of all the places we could go we opted for something we hadn't done before and hoped that a trip out to Skegness would not live up to its usual reputation but deliver us a beautiful day out. And I have to stay straight away, it did.

We decided to head out to Fantasy Island, a "theme park" on the coast which you pay for a day ticket or you can pay for individual rides like a fairground.
We all got day tickets and after handing over a large amount of money (we forgot our Tesco blue vouchers which makes it super, super cheap) w really hoped that the day would be worth it.
It was. It really was. As a parent and sensible adult, I think you have that fear that as you hand over your hard earned cash to something that looks a bit 'carny' if I am honest, we were desperately hoping that we would all have a good day and honestly, hand on heart, at the end of the day we decided that it had been fully worth it. 

The sun shone down and the staff were friendly. They were happy to chat about rides and help the children. There were the usual amusement park foods with an extra helping of Fish and Chip bars as you are so close to the coast. Initially it seems that you have just gone to a random market but once you get to the rides and venture inside the pyramid to indoor kids' amusements, we found that we spent a good day trying most of the rides (multiple times as there were no ques) and were amused all day. 
There are lots of height restrictions for kids but there are lots of rides for all. You just have to go with that in mind, but most small children can go on but need to be accompanied by an adult.

Luckily for us Rob's parents came and it meant that we also had a chance to enjoy the big rides. They have about 6 which are more "Adult"; faster, higher, more intense, etc. which meant that we also felt we had a good go on everything.

(Rob was the only person on this ride!)

As far as easy for us, we didn't take any food knowing that there would be plenty available which there was but you could easily take a picnic and there were plenty of places to sit and enjoy.
If we'd had our Tesco blue vouchers (Converted online) I think a full ticket in them is (approx) £4.50 compared to the £22 adult price on the gate. An absolute bargain for a brilliant and easy day out. You can also park next to it for £6 or their are plenty of car parks a walk away for about £2, but parking next to it made it easy with the kids and meant that we could dump coats back there halfway through the day. Another thing for us was that we didn't take a pushchair and we didn't need one. With a 3 and 5 year old they happily walked about and didn't really ask at all to be carried; it was all much to exciting.

All in all I am so glad we went and we would be happy to go and spend the day there again. 



  1. This looks so much fun! We're off to Skegness tomorrow as it happens, and although the weather is meant to be like mid-winter again, we'll have a great day anyway. Will definitely head over to Fantasy Island and check out the rides. Lovely photos x

    1. It was seriously good fun! Hope your day is not to cold! Xx


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