Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Own Mottos - Making Pictures

One thing that I have really loved for ages is all the typography prints that you see trending on Pinterest and social media. The thing is, I do think some of these are really expensive for what they are (unless they are hand drawn; that makes it art!) as in reality you should be able to simply write out something on a computer and print it out. Right? Well, kind of. After trying to even slightly copy some prints, I have actually found an app that massively helps get your creative writing flowing.
As with all apps there are purchases that need to be made, but I really think I have got my money's worth. My app, Rhonna Designs is so useful for creating all kinds of things. It is split into two sections: one where you can write in a variety of fonts and one where you can use stickers of sayings/ flowers/etc. to create your own picture. We have a black and white printer which means so far I haven't enjoyed the full potential of the app in its ability to use colour, but for black and white prints it is, honestly, perfect.
I had a couple of white frames in an old drawer and having sat with a cup of tea creating my images it was just a case of printing and framing up. Easy, good looking, and picked by me!

What's more useful is that anything you make can save to your camera roll so if you wanted something more professionally printed or made much bigger you can easily transfer your files to them!
Unfortunately this app is a bit addictive and you find yourself having a go at making all sorts of pictures. That's no bad thing though, a good way to waste time if you ask me!


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