Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Clothes Rack Of Dreams Ft. Great Little Trading Co #TestingTeam

Since becoming a member of the Great Little Trading Co. testing team I have to say what a joy it is to work on. It's really hard going into a product review knowing that it is going to be really hard to find any kind of fault with a product from a company who are proving time after time that they really are an excellent children's retailer. I really don't need to look anywhere else when it comes to furnishings regarding the children's things. They hit the tick mark every time for me and I look at them and find that I really am struggling to criticise anything.
My most recent item to look at was something that has far outreached my expectations. When I got the email asking us to look at the Star Bright Dressing up Rail I was in two minds. As nice as it is to test products, I was madly thinking about where I was going to place it. And also, how much I hate displaying things and not actually putting them away. It was already a worry in my head and I have to be honest and say I wasn't that excited to receive it, but I can hand on heart, honestly say that this item jumped up the list of most loved household items almost immediately. As soon as it began to take shape (Rob's handy Skills) I quickly realised that this indeed couldn't possibly be just for kids and dressing up clothes of all things. No. Indeed this could be for me or any fashion loving adult with a want for displaying clothes beautifully. Not only is the shape and feel soft and elegant but this clothes rail is pretty much the most perfect piece to add character to a simple room.

With the freshly painted white walls of our spare room I found that the star bright rail sat perfectly under some bedroom shelves and after trailing some fairy lights into its very useful contained base, I felt that this piece in particular was ideal for me. It comes with wooden coat hangers ready for children to use with their favourite fancy dress outfits, but I did a quick swap for me and replaced them with some copper hangers instead. 

It's hard to poke fault at this. For one child (or adult in this case) I feel it is big enough, but I am going to share more about this in a second post as I try to dress it appropriately for the kids. This time round, and very much for me, I just wanted to show you how easy it is to style such a piece for an adult or even an older child who is looking for something to use for all their party dresses instead!
*Post in Collaboration with GLTC as part of our role as Testing Team.

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