Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Adult Desk Space FT. Great Little Trading Co #TestingTeam

Having recently shared the Star Bright clothes rail and how thrilled I was with how it looked, receiving a Star Bright dressing table set was also a surprise treat for us to try out from the wonderful GLTC. Not only is this set of furniture a stand alone great piece for any child's (or adult's) bedroom, but with its counterparts, in the form of the clothes rail and mirror the Star Bright collection is proving to suit us more than I could ever have imagined.
When we were asked to test a dressing table set, I had no idea what we were really getting. I hadn't properly looked when I said yes to the email and to be honest had just thought that a small dressing table would be a lovely thing for the kids to try out, so I was happy to give it a go.
The moment Rob started building it I knew that they were much bigger pieces than I had anticipated and not only was I excited, but Raph couldn't believe he was getting a grown up desk to do his work on. This full sized child's desk is an absolute perfect piece for anyone looking to give their child a bit of independence in work or with getting ready on a morning and for this blog post I am going to share just how perfect it is for me; a fully grown adult!
As you probably know the development of our spare room into an office space for me has been going on for a few weeks and a certain few items have made it a perfect space for me as a blogger. This desk came at the right time and is going to make this room complete. Not only do I plan to now try and do all work in there but it has given me a space to be able to have some quiet time. Sitting at a desk brings such comfort when reading or writing and this one in particular in its bright white finish and simple shape is great for having at any age and stage of life.

With two draw (already messy so no pictures I'm afraid) the desk is already well used and loved by all of us. Raph asks if he can go up and sit doing some drawing which is great and having placed a little piano underneath it seems to also be working a a little den space for when it is just me and Etta at home pottering around. 
All I want to create with this space is a functional room and not one that is a dumping ground like it was. With useful pieces of furniture in there I know that mentally I won't want to cover them up or make them cluttered as they are just too nice. 
For me, the size of this desk is great. It is perfect for the short bursts of time that I will be using it for and it is plenty high enough for me. The stool is shorter than an average adult chair and is very much a child's height but this could be changed. I am happy with it though and find it comfortable. The simplicity of design makes this piece blend in well to the surroundings. The legs aren't chunky and I don't feel it takes up much room. 
I am going to share another review in a few weeks and give the children more of a chance to use it and see how they find it. Etta I think just likes the novelty but Raph associates it with school and education and as a space to work. All of these thoughts aside though testing out the desk has been a dream and I feel it fully suits our style and home.

*Post in collaboration as our role on the GLTC Testing Team

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  1. So lovely! I'm a massive fan of their products — I love the fact that they're multi-functional and work just as well for adults as they do for kids — this desk looks fab! :)


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