Saturday, 22 April 2017

Something Blue {Wedding} #Stealmystyle

Can you believe it? We are just a stone's throw away from wedding season and actually, for me, it's starting early. This weekend we head to Cardiff to celebrate my eldest brother's wedding. It is always a bit different attending a wedding of a sibling. Obviously there is a greater importance surrounding it for us as a family and a lot more thought goes into the prep work than a friends. For us, a wedding is always a big occasion as there are just so many of us, and P&M have done really well in arranging everything themselves so actually, for Rob and I especially who have not had any involvement we are really travelling to it like proper guests. I can't wait though and the 4 hour journey across country seems somewhat bearable knowing the huge party that is at the end of it will be just completely awesome. 
I just wanted to share my outfit before I wore it officially and risked ruin it or actually not really getting any photos of myself in it which often seems to happen at these events!
As it's Cardiff and April, there was a definite dress code in the sense of being realistic and expecting cooler, spring weather. With this in mind my original outfit, a gingham navy blue culotte jumpsuit (It's super cute) was changed to a Cashmere ballet wrap top and long pleated skirt.
I must say, I am glad I changed. As soon as I put it on I not only felt extremely pretty, but it's so incredibly comfortable. I am not worried about getting too warm or in fact too cold as I have a light beige cape jacket to wrap over my shoulders and I also have a little pink velvet vest top I am going to take in my bag in case the dancing session turns into a pure trance work out (not expected, but you never know). 
As I said, I just wanted to share the look with you as the chances of getting any nice pictures in the hotel and pretty low!


What do you think?
A bit different for a wedding but the colours are so gorgeous together!!

P.S no face or hair shots as I was au naturale!!!


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