Sunday, 1 March 2015

YuYu Hot Water Bottle

YuYu Hot Water Bottle

I am a bit of a heat freak. For any kind of relaxing or resting, I love to be warm. Most of the writing for this blog gets done on a stool with my back against the radiator. It is my little spot for just being cosy. I am also the kind of girl who has: a duvet, bedspread, then eiderdown on my bed; pretty much two duvets. I just love it.
At Christmas when I opened my YUYU hot water bottle it was like, well, a dream come true. I had never heard about them before but Rob had found out about them and bought me one. The novelty of this hot water bottle is that it is long. And boy, that makes all the difference. The fact that you can wrap it round your shoulders is just amazing and it is so cosy.

The clever design allows for serious hugging to take place. I have been known to just sit with that when the evenings have been cool; it makes such a difference.
For injuries as well, it seems great as you can wrap it around your tummy or back or lay it down the length of your back.
The case it comes in is so soft and smooth. You can even get more luxurious cashmere covers, but they are more expensive.

'YuYu loves you longer' is their slogan and it's really true. This long, hot water bottle is one of the best presents I have had and I just love how it works.
So now if I am not by the radiator I usually have this draped across my lap whilst I blog and relax!

Post by Emily


  1. DearEmily and of course Rob,

    Thank you so much for such a beautif blog. I'm traveling in Sri Lanka at the moment with limited wifi and about to enter a jungle but just saw this and well, had to write something immediately. Everything you've written is amazing. And thanks for recognising the 'YUYU loves you longer' statement. Very proud of that one. Please keep in touch and so so happy you love you're YUYU. Love Richard Yu xxx

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