Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Quick Mother's Day Craft

Quick Mother's Day Craft

With Mother's day coming up this weekend I thought it was only fair that I share a little craft idea with you. If you are a mother, you could always pass this idea on to your children and partners for them to sort out. You could always use this idea for your children's Grandmothers instead.

We have made some clay hearts with stamped centres. These were really easy and Raphael even had his input into it.

I used white clay and a cookie cutter to shape. We went for hearts but the choice is up to you. I have a box of letter stamps that we stamped into each shape. To make it easier for Raph I left the cookie cutter on the clay so he didn't misshape the heart. We then just stamped our message. Some black ink rubbed off but that didn't matter as I knew we would be painting them.

Don't forget to put holes in for hanging with ribbon!

Once they were dry we actually covered them in silver leaf but you could paint them any colour you want.

Give as a gift or use as a tag for other gifts.
We had these made in a day so they don't take long at all.
We did however dry the clay on the radiator which sped up the process!

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