Thursday, 26 March 2015

Beautiful Shoes from Inch Blue - Raphael's Mr Fox

Beautiful Shoes from Inch Blue - Raphael's Mr Fox

We were lucky enough to be sent some beautiful children's shoes from a company called Inch Blue. They are a specific type of children's slipper which are made of leather and a suitable for children from birth to 6 years. For babies, they are the perfect soft shoe for their pre-walking stages and then they naturally turn into more of a slipper shoe as the child grows. The sole is also soft leather so they are not for really walking outside.
The selection of designs that Inch Blue offer far exceed that of most usual children's shoe companies. There is a vast selection of styles with different pictures offering something for just about everyone.
As I said, Inch Blue gifted us some beautiful shoes for the children which I am going to share with you. For this post I wanted to share the beautiful Fox slippers that Raphael got. These are so gorgeous. I was so excited when I found out that they went up to older children's sizes rather than just baby ones. Raphael was so pleased when I showed him the bag; eagerly asking if they were for him. Immediately they were on and there they stayed. The leather is unbelievably soft and the beautiful image on the front is such a simple design that it stands out next to the dark brown leather. The slippers are a lovely piece to bring into Raph's wardrobe. As our house is all wooden floors we often find that it is our toes that get the coldest so little shoes like these will be perfect for everyday wear. I can only rave about just how cute these are as children's shoes. They really are the perfect little slipper for children who potter around and enjoy spending a day wandering.

If you want to check out Inch Blue's website click HERE.

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