Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella Shoes

I don't think I am the only woman excited for the soon to be released Disney's Cinderella. As with most fairy tales the story of loss, hurt, excitement and love falls in line with how many women might feel. The constant strive to find Prince Charming, the feeling of chores been dumped on top of you and the want to feel like a princess are possibly feelings that a lot of women might feel. I have the Prince charming so that's ticked off the list, but the cleaning, running around after others and general duties of being a mum pretty much leaves me feeling like the maid version of Cinders rather than the ball gown and glass slipper wearing princess. 
However, this mothers day it would seem that I may have taken a step (literally) forward in feeling like the Princess I am with these beautiful Cinderella like shoes from ASOS. I mean, who wouldn't feel like a princess in these? Even if I am doing the hoovering, I will most definitely be hoovering up the trail of sparkle that I leave behind as I gracefully dance around the house!

Head over and have a look at these shoes on ASOS.

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