Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Getting Kids To Drink More Water #betterwithbrita

Getting Kids To Drink More Water #betterwithbrita

As part of our family campaign to drink more after and working alongside the ''Better With Brita'' campaign I have come up with a fun activity to get the children excited and drinking water. 

It all stems from me introducing homemade flavoured water into our diets and this is a development to get our children interested in H2O.

I love infusing water at the moment with different fruits and the kids have been a bit taken with watching me cram handfuls of fruit into our Brita ''Marella'' jug. Our kids love fruit and would happily sit and eat a bowl of raspberries instead of a bowl of chocolate. 
With all of this in mind, I wanted to come up with a way of them enjoying making some infused water but in their own bottles. You can obviously use their normal juice bottles for this but I wanted to use some of these fab plastic mini bottles we have. They are great for the kids as they are plastic and they also have a screw on lid so this means they can be kept in the fridge and grabbed easily for when we go out. I purchased ours from Amazon for £5.

I provided the children with a range of different fruits that I have cut up from our fruit bowl. They just filled them with what they wanted and then I topped them up with fresh filtered water from our Brita jug. 
Raph loved being able to 'Invent' his own drink and Etta pretty much copied him and ate the fruit as we went along.

This is a great activity to get your child drinking more water. If you give them a bit more responsibility with preparing it you will find that they will enjoy it more as it is something that they made. You could have this as their pre-dinner activity or you could use multiple bottles and get them to make them in the morning and then keep them in the fridge for them to access through the day. I have found that as these bottles are different to their usual beakers, it also makes them seem more exciting.

Add a stripey straw and allow them to experiment with different flavours. You will find that their water intake might improve and that when you only have water to drink, it's not so bad!

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