Monday, 9 March 2015

My Style #Mumstyle - Having Fun With My Wardrobe

My Style #Mumstyle - Having Fun With My Wardrobe

I am learning that you don't always need to buy the most on trend item. So many outfits I see are made up of just amazing pieces that would look good now and in 5 years time. I spotted this skirt in the January sales and thought, 'Wow, What could I wear that for?' As it turns out, not much but I thought it was the kind of skirt that would always look great. It is a classic shape and the dark petrol green colours would suit a range of colours for pairing it with so I decided it was something that I wanted in my wardrobe.
For this specific outfit, I wanted to show you that I like to remember to have fun with my wardrobe. There aren't many events where sequin skirts can come out but what you wear it with will allow you to change it each time it does come out and make you feel like you are not repeating an outfit!
I went for another sequinned item in the form of this ASOS sweatshirt. I like the brightness and knew you could dress it up are easily just wearing it with jeans and trainers.
My bag is also a bit of a 'dressing up box' accessory. It is only useful for fun outfits so that is why I bought it! It work wells with this look and allows me to feel like I am having fun in what I wear; creating outfits that you won't see on other people!

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