Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dr Organic Manuka Face Treatments

Dr Organic Manuka Face Treatments

I was told by my sister about this amazing face scrub that she got from Holland and Barrett. As she was still going on about it some weeks later, I decided I would get some and see what the fuss was all about.
On purchasing the face scrub Holland and Barrett also had a ''buy one get one half price'' deal so I came away with a Manuka Honey face mask also,.

The Dr Organics range is quite vast. They pride themselves on using pure organic ingredients and put only bioactive ingredients deep into your skin.

This face scrub in particular was full of the healing properties that manuka honey can give but also had organic properties to really get into you skin and sort out those pores.
On first smelling the scrub I was quickly reminded of the smell of manuka honey. It is not a sweet smell like the shop bought clear honey but a much deeper scent.
I suppose with any face scrub you would think it will be the usual exfoliating granuals that you can feel polishing as you rub, but I was actually shocked at these!
They actually hurt. Not in a bad way. In an 'owww, how does this feel so good?' way. The tiny particles that scrubed my skin as I moved them in a circular motion were unbelievably small but ever so mighty! It was like rubbing individual tiny bits of sand on your skin. It was amazing. I could not believe the cleaning it gave me!
I had already removed my make up and used this after and my skin was pristine. Not only from what the day had put on it but from dead skin, blackheads, everything. It was so smooth and beautiful. And there were no red marks from the scrubbing or any scratches. It is amazing how my skin has come out!
Dr Organics suggest using the matching moisturiser but I have a different one that I just popped on. You can use the face scrub everyday so it is not harmful to your skin; it just brings it up super clean!

As I had the face mask, I also tried that out. It was a very similar smell, so pleasant if you like that dusk manuka scent. I felt that as I applied it, it was quite thin but I just did an even layer like the packaging suggests. It seemed to thicken as it dried in the 10 minutes after. I could not smile; it was nice and firm just as you would expect a face mask to be. On washing it off with warm water my skin felt lifted and replenished. It didn't have the 'wow' factor like the face scrub had but it was a nice deep cleanse. Dr Organics suggests using it once a week so I will start doing this in my skincare routine.

In conclusion, my sister was absolutely right about the face scrub; it is amazing and is leaving my skin clear of just about everything. It is not perfumed or full of chemicals and makes your skin feel amazing.

The face mask is lovely for a pamper but if you were only buying one; go for the face scrub!

Post by Emily


  1. Hi I bought the Face scrub 2 days ago and it had a strange smell, a bit like a moldy smell?? Did you get the same impression??

  2. Alice, i know what you mean! It is a dusty smell rather than a sweet one but manuka honey is a bit more like that so I wasnt suprised. I wouldnt think it was mouldy if you were worried. I think its the organic properties. Emily


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